Shout out to an almost 40 year old company

Long established, family run businesses have become as rare as hens teeth. With a growing monopoly in almost every industry imaginable, and the new digital era, small and medium sized long established businesses are the exception rather than the norm.

At Dunaways we are always on the look out for long established and often family run businesses. Those that have employed within their community, held pride in their products and services whilst standing economic turmoils and booms.

One such company is Davis Roofing in Bristol. Established in 1978 they were founded and started a small dedicated service for flat roofs and felt roofing.

owners of Davis Roofing from way back in the day

When they began, Davis Roofing were a team of three, a father and his two sons. Since the early days they employ over 40 staff including fitters, surveyors, administration staff and managers. They have continuously employed locally in Bristol and the county of Avon. The company has seen its share of recession and boom and withstood it all in credibility and outstanding service.

As perhaps the best roofing company in Bristol and the south of England, Davis Roofing have proved themselves over the last four decades.

It’s so great to learn that some companies really can live my their values and thrive through economic change. Yes many of us are somewhat interdependent on large corporate companies like Google, Amazon and Apple but there is always plenty of room for small, traditional companies that live by local standards and provide to their communities. Davis Roofing are one such company.

Dunaways wish to congratulate Davis Roofing on their huge achievements over the last 37 years.



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