The business of cosmetic surgery

Some facts on cosmetic surgery

  1. Plastic (from plastic surgery) comes from Plastikos (Greek). It means providing form or molding.
  2. World War 1 brough about huge innovations in plastic and costmetic surgeries. With soldiers and civilians sustaining so many injuries, surgeons of the early 20th century needed to improvise. So, developments and innovations in the field have catipulted forward as a result.
    surgery from world war 1 injuries
  3. Scars invoked fear in ancient Rome, especially on the back of the body. They were actually regarded as shameful and were viewed as man turning (cowardism) his back during war. Ancient surgeons found themselves busy removing such scars through costmetic application.
  4. One of the first known breast augmentations was performed in Germany to a performer who had a large growth cosmetically removed from her breast. It’s said that she also had a fat growth on her back that was transplated into her breast!
  5. The first nose surgery (modernly known as Rhinoplasty) took place in 600 B.C in India, of all places. Parts of the body were used (cheek, forehead etc) for nose reshaping. It’s said that wooden tubes were inserted into the nose (nostrils) to create air passages throughout the healing process.

Found this interesting? Are you considering modern cosmetic surgery. There are some leading surgeons in the UK such as Guy Sterne who perform a wide variety of surgeries including tummy tucks, breast augmentations, liposuction, uplifts and rhinoplasty.

Caron Reynolds


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