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Their Online Presence is a Game Changer

For moving or removal companies who want to grow, a strong social media presence can be exactly what you need to stand out from the competition. Of course, there is much more to social media than simply posting photos on Facebook of the first-class lorries or vans your company just purchased. From frequently engaging with customers to posting relevant and informative blog posts, developing and implementing an effective social media marketing strategy gives removal companies the opportunity to significantly increase their business. The following takes a look at how these companies can use social media to their advantage for gaining home moving customers.

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Customer Engagement
Moving companies who regularly engage with customers on their social media sites enhance their reputation in the eyes of both current and prospective clients. One of the best things a moving company can do is simply listen and be available when someone inquires about their relocation products and services. In fact, 51 per cent of consumers who report they have asked a question via social media expect a response, preferably within one hour. They also state that engagement makes them look more favorably at the business.

Engaging Facebook Posts
Customers frequently like for removal companies to post relevant blogs/ articles or entertaining personal stories. However, they prefer something short and sweet, as opposed to long winded. Shorter Facebook posts get 23 per cent more interaction. Even better, keeping posts below 250 characters can increase your engagement by 60 per cent. Here’s a quick and easy idea. On Throwback Thursday, post a short story about something funny that happened during a move. If you have a picture, add it. Articles and posts with visual images get 94 per cent more views than those without them.

Stay Away From Sales Pitches on Social Media
Social media is all about connecting with others, being enlightened or entertained, and having a bit of fun. In a recent poll, consumers admitted that they didn’t like sales pitches all over social media. They prefer entertaining content that makes them laugh or think about something.

Twitter Can Successfully Attract Clients
Millions of individuals access Twitter every day, which gives moving companies the perfect opportunity to attract new business. It’s important to send out Tweets that keep your audience engaged and even spark conversations. For example, Tweet out an interesting fact about moving, such as just 1 in 5 people end up living more than 200 miles away from where their first house was located. Follow it up with a question, such as “Do you?” 70 per cent of people re-tweet because they like a business’s content. You are bound to reach a few new followers, and potential customers, this way.

Using social media to network and market relocation services and products is relatively new to the removal and storage industry, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be an extremely effective way to promote and grow your company. As an added bonus, you’ll be ahead of your competition who haven’t yet broken into social media.

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