Marine Boat & Bike Trip Businesses Report a Spike in Bookings

Throughout the UK more and more people are opting for biking and boating trips instead of the more traditional car and plane trips. So, why are these trips becoming so popular among people of all ages? Here’s a quick look at some of the top reasons.


image of boat and bicycle trips


They give you the opportunity to see the world in a different and exciting way, while also getting to places cars and planes simply can’t go.


Seeing the world from a bike or boat can give you a new perspective on sights, whether you have seen them several times in the past or are making your first trip. Instead of viewing things through a dirty window, you have the opportunity to see things clearly, taking in their true colours, while also breathing in the fresh air and even experiencing the wind around you. It is entirely possible you will appreciate your trip even more.


Let’s face it. There are some places of the world that you simply can’t get to by automobile or plane. Taking a bike increases your chances of making it to the top of that mountain that gives you the chance to see panoramic views of everything below, while a boat will allow you to reach that picturesque island that looks like the cover of a postcard.


Biking and boating trips are both environmentally and wallet friendly.
This is particularly true for biking, which decreases harmful emissions being leaked into the air, while also helping fight against noise pollution. Additionally, it requires less natural resources to manufacture a bike than any other type of vehicle.


Biking and boating is also cost effective. You may be able to save a considerable amount on the price of petrol. As an added bonus, biking and boating trips tend to be much less expensive than the cost of a trip by plane.


They promote a healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically.
Although you may spend most of your boat trip sitting down, many people find that the chance to be out in nature improves their mental state by decreasing anxiety and helping alleviate depression. This also pertains to biking, which will provide physical benefits as well. For example, studies have shown that biking has the potential to cut your risk of heart disease by 50 per cent. Additionally, biking can help strength your immune system by keeping your Immune system cells more active, leaving them better able to fight off potential infections.


They are fun for all ages.
From toddlers to the elderly, biking and boating trips tend to appeal to people of all ages.
This post was donated on behalf of Mark from BMSUK Marine Surveyors.
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