Website Conversion. The Important Elements You Are Missing.

In a 2014 study, 96 per cent of respondents admitted that website design is an important factor when they are considering whether or not to purchase a product or service from an online business. Now, take a minute to really look at your website before answering the following question. What does your website design say about your online business?

What Constitutes a Well Designed Website?
According to a Google study, the more simple your website design, the better. Potential consumers want to be able to find the product or information they are looking for quickly. If your webpage is too busy or flashy, cluttered with unrelated text or products, or includes unrelated sidebar ads, it puts consumers off. An astonishing 100 per cent of respondents in the 2014 study revealed they had left a website because it was too difficult to use or poorly designed. 53 per cent said they left sometimes, while 47 per cent admitted they left frequently.

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A well designed website has content that is fresh and up-to-date. It goes without saying that customers expect business websites to contain the newest information regarding its company, products, and services. If it doesn’t, customers will assume one of two things. One, your company has gone out of business and you failed to take down the website. Two, you just aren’t innovative and lag behind your competition. In either instance, a potential customer will leave your site with no intention of returning.

In addition, all business websites should have a clear call to action. If not, you will lose innumerable opportunities to turn visitors to your website into actual paying customers. Having done some core research into websites that meet this important need we found only a handful for each country and industry that are doing a great job. Ironically, web masters and builders do not necessarily know that an attractive site is not a converting site. So we focused in on web agencies to find out more. In our research we focused on the UK web creative industry, using all of the major cities to compare. Finding the businesses with Google’s aid was easy by using keywords like web agency in London and web design in Bristol. We scouted the top 6 major UK cities and found only a handful of page 1 sites using effective calls to action.

What Do Potential Customers Pay Attention To?
Potential customers are much more perceptive than you might think. For example, if your website contains the following flaws, they are more likely to walk away.

Grammar: When it comes to website designing, it is imperative that you proofread your content. When your site features misspelled words, incorrect verb usage, or other obvious grammatical errors, 59 per cent of consumers will avoid doing business with you.

Self Build With Content Management Systems: In most cases, a potential customer’s first experience with your business is through your website. First impressions are 94 per cent design related. If you have little to no experience with website design, will you be able to create a website that captures their attention and gives off a good first impression?

Photos: Customers can easily spot stock photography and 87 per cent of them believe that stock photos make your website look cheap. It’s important that your online business website include images that really support your message gives visitors the right perception of your business.
Links: If your links do not direct customers to the right spot or are dead, customers lack trust in your abilities, which often leads them away from your website.

For an online business to achieve high levels of success, they must have a website that inspires confidence and trust in their products or services. Does your website do this?


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